Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having any issues with Chaotic360 please read below before contacting a member of staff. 95% of reported bugs & issues as the fixes posted below.

The most common fix for this is disabling Windows Defender and having a active console on Xbox Neighborhood, always remember that the console IP can always change so the best method to reslove this is instead of typing the console IP address in Xbox Neighborhood but type "Jtag", if you have done the following and still having an issue please contact support.
Yes Chaotic360 will work on any windows low as 7 up to 10, if you do have windows 7 or 8 you will need to install the custom .Net Framework which can be found in the "Other Links" tab, above.
For Chaotic360 to connect to your console you will need JRPC2 set as a plugin, you can find all the plugins needed and launch.ini in the "Other Links" tab, above.
Epic Shelter is an extra addon for premium users and above, this addon will allow you to have off host cheats for all Call Of Duties which will include Aimbot, Spinbot, UAV, Redboxes, and loads more.
To have the abilties to have Epic Shelter you must be a premium user, currently Epic shelter is still in development and is unavailable to anyone but us owners. The update which will include this should be in the couple weeks.
If you keep receiving an error while trying to use Chaotic360 make sure you have the correct plugins installed. You will need JRPC(2) and XRPC installed. if you do have the following plugins installed,head over to our Rocket Chat server and check the 'Report Bugs' channel if you don't see it listed please report it right away.
This is a very common error and normally an easy fix, make sure you have no USB drives and/or discs are running or plugged into your PC, if this is not your issue, try running the tool as NON administrator. If you still receive this error, report it via the support ticket including your email address and proof of purchase.
We can't always put a time on update, we can only give an estimated time and this can sometimes be broken, it all depends on how much work we got to do and if it goes smoothly. if there a title update for a game that we have included or a dashboard update we normally have them hotfixed within a day of it being pushed out. For the hotfixes there is no update needed.