How to setup Chaotic360

In this update it could never be any easier to setup Chaotic360.

First of all you will want to create an account with us, to do this head to the navigation 'Register' in the top right hand corner of your screen and then enter your credentials.
After registering with us you should have access within the panel. Scroll down till you see an option called E-commerce and then head over to that page.
In the E-commerce you will see multiple packages, select the package you would like to purchase, after selecting the package press 'Buy Now'
After pressing 'Buy Now' you will be redirected to a page that stats all of our terms and services, please read these carefully before agreeing, after reading the terms of services press 'Purchase'.
After pressing 'Purchase' you will be redirected to PayPal, make sure your purchasing the correct package you would like before pressing 'Purchase' for the final time. After pressing purchasing wait a couple seconds and check your 'My Subscriptions' page which can be found within the panel to see if the payment was successful.
If the payment was successful download Chaotic360 which can be found in the download section and enter your credentials within the tool and press login. Chaotic360 will notice you are a new custom and will bring you to a new page within your browser, in here you will enter your credentials and press login. after logging in you will see your licence key copy this and keep it safe. After copying your licence key press save changes
After accepting the changes, press login one more time within the Chaotic360 Modding tool and you will be logged in successfully. The setup is now complete enjoy and thank you for purchasing Chaotic360.