Chaotic360 Install Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines very carefully, we do our best to make the install is easy as we can make it, but it only takes one mistake and you could you lose your Chaotic360 licence.

Before we can start you will need to create an account with us, you can do this be clicking Here and filling out your credentials. Once you have completed this process you can now skip to Part Two.
To continue we will need to have your account enabled, to get your account enabled you will need to purchase a Chaotic360 licence from a trusted seller of your choice which can be found above in the Staff Tab. After purchasing the seller will enable your account and will message you saying so, once you get this message you will be ready for Part Three.
Now we are ready to Download Chaotic360, to do so, you will need to go back to the dashboard by clicking Here. If your already on the dashboard just refresh the page. In the dashboard you will see a tab called Setup & Installation you will want to navigate to that tab and then click Setup & Install on this page, scroll down to the bottom and you will see a link called Download Chaotic360 click that and wait for the download to complete, now head over to Part Four.
Now we need to install your licence for Chaotic360, to do so you will need to open up the Chaotic360 Modding Tool that you just downloaded and wait till you see the login page, once you on the login page you will see a checkbox called Show MacHash check that and you will now see a long code appear above, you will now want to copy that and head back over to the dashboard, and back over to Setup & Installation and Setup & Install page, Now on this page scroll back to the top and you will see Password, CPU ID and MachineID, in the password field you wan't to enter the Password you used to create your account, in the CPU ID field you will need to enter your consoles CPUKey and finally in your MachineID field you want to paste in that long code which you copied from the tool and then press Save. Now head to Part 6
Now your account is all ready to use the Chaotic360 Modding Tool, all you need to do is reopen the tool if has been closed and enter your username and password that you used when creating your account on Part One . If it all done correctly the login page should close you should be greeted with a welcome back message. If you see congratulations, you configured Chaotic360 successfully.
Video tutorial Of Chaotic360 Setup

We understand some people find it easier to follow instructions via videos, if this is the case with you, click the button bellow. .

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