About Me

I am a support & seller member of Chaotic360 Remastered. I have been part of this project for the last year

Shop Guidelines

Please follow the information below carefully.

Before purchasing Chaotic360 please make sure you have an account setup on Chaotic360 if you don't have an account you cannot access the dashboard to download updates or to complete the setup, if you need to create an account please click Here and start by choosing your username, entering a password and email, make sure to write these down or remember them, this is the only way to recover your account if you forget your password or need to change your password in the future.

If you've already created an account on Chaotic360, please carry onto the next step and select the next tab and follow the steps provided.

Before you send the payment always check that you have the correct amount of money and that you are sending it to the correct staff member

To see the payment's I accecpt check button bellow, failing to send the correct ammount or correct method will lead to a refund

If you have just made a purchase and the seller says your account is now enabled, head over to the dashboard and you should now see the Setup and Installation tab, select that and then select download the most recent version of Chaotic360 now please select the next step.

by now you should have Chaotic360 downloaded, you will now want to enter your console CPUKey into Setup & Installation tab under "CPUKey" Your CPUKey can be in xell (Power on your console by pressing your eject disctray button.) and place it in the text box which says CPUKey.

Now you have entered your CPUkey, you will now want to launch the tool and check the checkbox that says "Show MacHash" now copy the MacHash and place it where it says MachineID in Setup & Installation and finally press save changes. You are now ready to use Chaotic360.

Windows 10
To have Chaotic360 to run on your Windows 10 device you will need to have .Net framework version 4.6.2 or higher which can be found in the tab "Other Links" and windows defender disabled, if the following requirements are not reached Chaotic360 will not be able to run.

Windows 7
To have Chaotic360 to run on your Windows 7 device you will need to have service pack 1 installed which can be found in the tab "Other Links" with out this you will not be able to have the lattest .net framework and would be unable to run chaotic360.

Contact Hours

Check the times and days before contacting us to make sure we are available to give you the need you need.

# Days Time Time Contact
1 Monday 4 am 2 pm
2 Tuesday 4 am 2 pm
3 Wednesday 4 am 2 pm
4 Thursday 4 am 2 pm
5 Friday 4 am 2 pm
6 Saturday 4 am 2 pm
7 Sunday 4 am 2 pm